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Wild Fires In Our Worlds ~ February Energy

Updated: Feb 12

Welcome to my mid February note on the current energies presenting. We are experiencing heavy and new energies as the Pluto arrival into Aquarius is meeting and greeting all of our personal intimate planets as they come through the house of your chart which Aquarius owns.

The big news this week, as I look at the charts is the ingress of Mars into Aquarius on the 13 and 14th. Not a super romantic vibe for Valentine energy if I do say so myself, but could be highly passionate and even obsessive. Know yourself and hold your energy in peace and be in control of your actions and reactions.  I only say this because energy and emotion can be high with these planets combining forces at the 0’ mark of Aquarius.   Mars is the god of war, Pluto is the god of the underworld.  We will find ourselves, possibly, in feelings of depth or drama or we will witness in the spaces around us. It is important we keep our wits about us.

On the global stage, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re hearing of war crimes or violence in public arena.  This is not fear based, its planetary energy based.

Highly charged and intense is the name of this weeks transits.  Pluto welcomes Mars on the 13th and then welcomes loving and beautifying Venus on the 16th. The two cosmic lovers, Mars and Venus, meet later in a conjunction in the Aquarius part of your birth chart.  (Inbox me if you’d like a short reading to get a grasp on what and where this energy is happening in your personal world).

This is a first in a lifetime energy that we are experiencing as Pluto has about a 245 year cycle and he’s intense.  Pluto comes to burn things down so that new growth can occur.  Think of a forest fire,  It can be destructing, scary and down right horrid in the moments of the heated fires, but then we can see a new clearing, a new space for new growth to happen.  It’s  both transformative and its powerful!  Make no mistake, we will all feel this in some aspect this week and through next.

These energies this week and last, with Mercury entering and meeting Pluto there as well, are setting the stage for the next 20 years of our lives.  Astrology is cyclical science and the aspects made during this time is powerful in setting the stage.

I am excited, I am heightened in my senses and I am churning internally with the changes that are abroad.

I am eager to continue to share the astrological insights I am having and I want you to know how grateful I am for you being here, for your support and your love.

As this energy is presenting, I invite you look at what you may know has to die, has to be reborn or transformed in your world.  I promise you that the energies are set here to support your courageous and also peaceful progress.  Stay in your peace this week.  Be discerning in any energy transfers you have.

Reach out if you would like some insight.  I am looking at adding 20 minute sessions to do quick intuitive readings with astrology and energy to help you navigate.  I am honored and grateful to be serving at this time in life.  We are blessed, we are strong, we are more powerful that we can possibly comprehend and I am so grateful to be able to empower, guide and walk with you on your path!

Holding space, holding love, and encouraging compassionate action for growth on all levels!


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