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The Empowered Intuitive Empath

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Intuitive Empaths are often not aware of what and who they are, until they have had an experience that creates an awareness, or confusion that they take on feelings of those around them.

Empath gift

All empaths are highly sensitive people, and right now in the world it's so incredibly valuable to know how to harness this sensitivity as a strength and not a weakness. Intuitive empaths are often seen as Emotional , Cognitive, or Physical Empaths. The emotional empath feels what others may be experiencing in their emotions, while the cognitive empath is often thinking the thoughts of the person they are near, and the physical empath is often experiencing pain, joy or actual physical illness or injury in another person. The empath is naturally an optimistic, caring, hopeful and agreeable being that wants to be available to help and take care of others we encounter. This is why we can be the perfect target of an energy vampire, which Ill do a post on later (they're sneaky ones).

In a more negative light, we can take on others feelings and energy not without knowing why or what were experiencing in our own being. In a more positive light, we have the capacity to energetically merge with others to see through their eyes, or feel the world through their feelings. The good news is that we can practice using our super power of sensitivity with intention of staying grounded and connected to our own life force energy and body. Being an intuitive empath can be exhausting if you dont know how to harness the power instead of being a target for negativity. Here are a few easy ways you can begin to take your power back and stay empowered and inspired to be the beautiful being you are and not turning your light off to hide from the intensity of the world, right now.

1. Acknowledge that you are an Intuitive Empath.

How do you know? Ask yourself these questions:

Have you ever sat next to someone and felt nauseous, a pounding heart ache, headache or a drained feeling?

Have you ever sat next to someone and felt a rush of joy, love or connection for no reason?

Are you uncomfortable in crowds? Do you often try to avoid them?

Do you get easily overwhelmed or overstimulated by being around people and look forward to being alone?

When someone is in physical pain or distress, do you feel it?

If you're feeling this in your body right now, and it's a yes to these answers, you're likely an intuitive empath. Welcome! You are such a gift to the world.

2. Learn to trust your intuition.

You are a highly sensitive being. No matter how the energy speaks to you, rather it's psychic vision, intuitive knowing, a feeling in your gut, picking up on subtle smells and sounds, it's so important to learn to trust these messages. They will be one of the greatest tools to helping you avoid toxic relationships and experiences that are not in alignment with your highest good.

3. Set Boundaries.

Once you become aware that you can absorb others energy, you must learn to set limits on the amount of time you are with this person. You have a right to choose who and where you spend your time.

Learn to walk away when you feel yourself being drained or the energy is telling you this is not aligned. Step away and if you feel better immediately, there is your answer. It's not cruel to take care of you!

4. Create a shield around you, energetically!

Visualizing a beautiful orb of golden light around you is a powerful tool to have, as you're often being attacked or drained on an energetic level, thus an energetic shield will help to dodge any vampires that are attempting to harness your energy. Affirm that this protective shield only lets that which is good in and repels anything that is bad or with low integrity. Trust it!

*I use gold, pink and light blue to surround myself, my home, anything I love and adore in my world.

5. Breathe and Stay Open

The idea is not to shut down or take a protective stance to life, but to practice and get really centered in your own energy. the shield and the boundaries are tools to get really good at so that you can feel safe and empowered in your being as you navigate this reality. This state allows us to be open to what is around us, while trusting the messages and guidance our intuition is giving to us. The best protection is no protection. No fear based thinking over here!

6. Meditate, reconnect to your self, often.

Develop a daily practice of checking in with yourself. Touch your heart, take a few nice long deep breaths with the intention to let go of anything not yours as you exhale and breathing in power and presence as your inhale. Do this several times a day to keep the energy running through and around you clear.

7. Create Sacred Space

Keep your space heightened and alive with good energy by having lots of plants, crystals, books you love, images of inspiring beauty and grounding images. Have good quality teas, essential oils and candles to assist your mood and heighten your senses. Sage, drum, sing, or listen to beautiful music in the background. Turn the news off and take breaks from technology, as its a energy drainer for sure!

8. Love yourself!

Radical Self Care and Love are so important! Take time everyday to get intone with what you're feeling, what you need, and honor those messages. Know that you can be both powerful and vulnerable.

Celebrate yourself every time you trust yourself and feel better!

Remember that you stepping into your full potential and taking full responsibility for your life is the greatest way to impact not only your world, but the bigger world around you!

*Red Flag: Anyone who tells you're selfish, mean or cruel for not putting them first or taking care of yourself! Let them go, as soon as possible. You are a sensitive soul and many toxic people will love to expose this.

Give yourself a break, often . As you learn to embrace your sensitivity as an Intuitive Empath, you will learn how to harness this gift as a power and not a weakness.

May you find peace, power and prosperity in all you do!

Big love~

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