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Time to Align to the Divine

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Today, As we look at the conditions of the Matrix, the outer reality, the society and the limits that are being proposed on our personal lives, I am here to define an alternative path that continues to guide us higher into our own beauty and light. It is in this light that we can harness a new way, a new path, a new way of seeing this realm and the opportunity that is offered if we can stay aligned with our greatest truth. I beckon to your soul, to your higher self, to the indwelling essence of your being! I beckon to you and I invite you to come this way, to come towards the light, to come back to the inner beauty that ceases all nonsense of the outer world that chaotically beckons you to follow that energy. You see, the choice is yours. That's the catch. That's the trap. What will you choose? What reality will you give your beautiful energy to? Only you can know and only you can choose the way you will live.

That's your medicine. That's your power.

My reverence for spirit is certainly deep and it is the ground that allows me to know who I am, what I am, and to not allow any orbiting energies to pull me off path. I get distracted, I get disturbed at times and I get frustrated with the energies prevalent, but I do not give up, I do not give in and I will not give my power away to any outer authority that mimics the greatness of the universal powers that be. Man is not an authority. In fact, I would say, man is the menacing problem with the world today. The earth would be pristine and glowing with its perfection if man hadn't come along disrespecting earth, our mother Gaia, and the fathering skies. Man has littered the waters with plastics and nuclear wastes. Man has done all he can to harness his power onto our world and in this way I can say the only way we heal this worlds by healing it as a planet. Man must humbly accept the reality that we are off course and we must come back to alignment with Gaias way, or she will gladly rid herself of us.

All of these divisive energies are just that. They have been presented by man to create a doubt in mans mind to the perfection we all are. How can we look at this beautiful world and truly believe that political or medical systems, even educational or religious systems have a desire to honor this indwelling intelligence in us, in the earth, in the skies and in all the spaces in between the matter we see as reality? If we're awake and if we're truly AWAKE, not woke, but awake with eyes to see, a heart to feel and the intuition to discern truth from fiction, we will know that we are the magic, we are the medicine, we are the change, we are the healing we are all in such need of.

I am feeling pulled to write again, to merge with the world in a more intimate way, to bring forth the beauty that I have been able to sit with in hopes of uniting you to the intelligence that exists beyond the images on social media, the rhetoric of the marketing firms and the lies being sold in journalism. Im not here to discredit all things outer reality, but I am certainly here to give more credit to the indwelling intelligence that is turning back on and literally screaming to be embraced, held and honored.

I am here. I am willing. I am taking full responsibility for my world, my creations, my reality. This means I am feeding myself whole healthy foods, I am feeding my mind whole healthy inspiration, I am filling my heart and being with loving, empowering and truthful energy and I am honoring the earth around me, the sky above me and the animals and birds that remind me of the natural worlds perfection and connection to a more aligned, intuitive and divine experience. I hope you'll join me in the invitation of the new earth, the new essence, the new frequency of owning your own reality, your own health and your own path forward no matter what he says, she says, they say or command. The time is now to cultivate a life that is alignment with the divine. All else is noise, its chaos and its menacing frequency of confusion and destructive ways.

My desire for you is to come home to your truth, your center, your being, your soul and to cultivate a life that is a constant reminder that no matter what is happening around you, no matter how weird it gets, no matter how much they try to keep your joy and health suppressed, that you will rise, and you remember that you are divine and you are a being that has a bad case of amnesia that is remembering that none of this is as real as the place we come from. May you remember that all matter is thought first. May you remember that you are creating your minutes as you go, your days and your years as you continue to move forward. May you do so in an empowered and inspired space. May you allow beauty to be birthed in your world and around you, for all.

If you seek to come into community, to come into unity, to come into a space of supported and non judgmental growth, you're in the right space and you're seen here, you're heard here and you're going be inspired to stay focused on the good, the true and the worthy.

I love you. I am you. I see you. I feel you. I know you.

And so it is. Be so good to you. Deep love and deep reverence to all. This world is shifting and we will all know soon enough that we are held in that same love and reverence I offer you from a much greater presence than I.


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