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Energy of July 8th - July 14th Blanket of Fate

July 8 through July 14 Venus Saturn Jupiter and Uranus, Oh My!

Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter in Gemini energy

We have a nice week building up!  Monday we begin the week with a flow energy from Venus in Cancer, the planet of love, money, beauty and all things that make us feel good to Uranus in Taurus, the planet of shock, surprises, rebellion and freedom.  This can show up as breakthroughs in relationships of all kinds and also with self. This can also trigger just more fun and joy in the areas mentioned above.  Think “magic moments”, or “happy surprises”.  This can sometimes lead to love at first sight or what may seem like attractions that are not your usual type. There is also a possibility for heightened intimacy or breakthroughs in sexual experiences too!  It can also show up as a deepening of current love and commitments.  The only down side to this type of energy can be that there is a tension in love or with others that has to happen for the breakthroughs to come through. You may need to temper your desire for more, or for fleeting excitement in love and money!  Don’t be risky, be smart! All in all its a lovely energy that can be exciting, fresh, revitalizing and joyfully creative!   Look to your Cancer and Taurus houses of your chart to see what you could be creating!

While that energy is happening, we also have a gorgeous energy with Mercury in Leo, flowing to Jupiter in Gemini. Above all else, this energy donates to a positive mindset, an optimistic outlook on life!  The only shadow side to this can be dominant speech or over confidence in communication!  Be discerning.  You could be feeling expansive in your thoughts and goals for your life right now. Curiosity can be in overdrive right now about the what’s, if’s and how’s to do and be something greater! A great energy to figure some things out and have genius answers present.  But with Mercury in Leo and the expansive energy of Jupiter in Gemini, you could over speak or say things too quickly or without thoughtfulness. (Think open mouth, insert foot) Be aware of your words when communicating with others, writing, speaking or social media convos.  Look to the Leo and gemini houses to see how this could turn up for you!

These two transits together can offer a very positive spin on the weeks beginning.  The energies don’t just last one day, they ebb and flow and this is a strong feel as we begin our week out!

On Tuesday, Jupiter in Gemini will sextile the North node in Aires and Trine the South node in Libra.  Again, we can sense an intuitive pull or signs being presented towards our true path of our own highest destiny. Think positive and easy alignments.  We can let go of outdated and old stories, patterns or relationships that are no longer serving us. Sudden insights and realizations can flow through our subconscious to our conscious awareness.  For those of us who meditate or seek divine guidance, this is a powerful alignment of energies that can enhance and grow your intuition! Old wounds can be healed so new paths can be presented. Ego can get checked and soul can come through!  Its another lovely deep flow this week.

On Wednesday we begin the Sun in Cancers flow to Saturn in Pisces which is retrograde.  Venus in Cancer will be flowing to Neptune in Pisces (also Retrograde)! Venus is coming back into view as the evening star!  A lovely time to have such benefit energies playing out in the cosmos in our personal worlds.  Outcomes can feel dreamy and soulmate like.  Venus and Neptune energy donate to powerful manifesting through visualization and manifesting! Saturn will offer his support in all things purpose and career.  This is by far my favorite vibe this week!

Now there is a little tension with Venus rising on Wednesday and then moves into Leo on Thursday.  Venus will oppose Pluto in Aquarius, also retrograde.  Just a note that this could trigger intense love and money themes or secrets coming out that haven’t been told around those subjects.  If relationships offer some tension, just breathe and know its energy that is flowing through and it is often to create calm or transformation within such relations.

This energy of the week leads us into the Mars Uranus meet up in Taurus on Monday.  This weekend we will feel those energies.  Mars is initiation, drive, independence, war, stubborn and bold with Uranus who is the shock and surprise, the lightning bolt energy!  I will share more on that closer to that time.

*Remember that these energies don’t play out on the exact day.  As I have been really tuned into the energies, I feel them days and sometimes weeks ahead and they often are more powerful as the energy is building vs coming off the aspects.

Overall, I feel that this week offers a lot of insight into what and how we’re feeling about ourselves, our current trajectory and our stories around love and money.  The energy I like most is Venus rising into her Evening glory and blessing our Gemini and Cancer houses were she has been in her action.  She wants to shower blessings on us in these areas of our live over the  next months.  She then trines to Saturn who loves to make solid plans, foundations and assists us in making our dreams a reality.  The Jupiter and Mercury transit on Monday does offer us a possible sign into how this energy can play out for us with a letter, email or message from someone. The Jupiter in Gemini flow to the nodes of fate is the blanket we sit on this week.  Let it all happen.  Fate and freewill can meet this week,  Be so sweet to you!

Astrology is intimately connected to your own natal chart.

The energies in this article is general and will be felt by all a little different depending on where these transits are hitting your natal chart.

May your week be a flow of truth and beauty that shows up at the right time and in the right ways!  Sending love from my space in this matrix reality!


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