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Eating For Whole Wellness in Today's Wild World

How can you protect your energy, health and well-being?

A healthy body is key to a healthy mind and energy!

When our bodies are functioning at full potential, we can not deny how clear our head feels and how much more pep in our step we have to go into our day.

We think more clearly, we engage the world with more intention and vitality.

We have an abundance of energy and our mood is happier and more optimistic.

We are able to interact and be a part of the reality that we want to create and experience rather than feeling like we're in a rat race or just moving through the days.

I will express here how absolutely important a clean diet filled with whole foods and fresh water is fundamental for most people, especially intuitive empaths and highly sensitive people, to truly be aligned and empowered in their own energetic sensitivities. We live in a world of convenience and over abundance of choices every time we consider fueling our body, mind and spirit. Having some tools to choose wisely is worthy!

It's amazing to me that so many will grab a box or bag before a crisp juicy apple, or a handful of carrots with hummus, or avocado with lemon, and the list goes on. It amazes me because I was that person over 20 years ago and I still of course grab for the box or bag, but they're very different reasons now (extremism is not attractive on either side). If you are in my world you know I am a healthy human and I walk my talk. I have a fridge full of vegetables and non dairy sauces and dips, water and fruits that I eat 80/85% of the time and I have learned that the 15/20% of my choices can be what I choose for indulgence and it doesn't throw my energy or awareness off. We can all get stuck in bad cycles and habits and that is where lifestyle and routine can help get your life back on track! This is normal and it is fixable! I love going to gatherings and taking a couple dishes that are whole foods and watch them be the first dishes gone! I truly believe most people just don't know how or where to start.

So I want to share a little bit with you!

Chemical laden food is cheap and we’re paying for quantity not quality.

It has been long known that chemicals and preservatives in our food have a negative effect on our health, overall. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, auto immune, even mental decline or disorders are linked to diet. So we all know that eating habits and food we are choosing is preventing or creating fertile ground for disease.

So what does clean eating look like? How can I change my life, mind, body and soul?

Start where you are and drink clean water daily.

Eat a diet of unprocessed foods;

Fresh/Frozen Vegetables and Fruits

Nuts and Seeds

Unrefined grains

Fresh farm eggs or poultry

Unprocessed meats in moderation

Nut milks

Goats milk

(these are just a few)

We can feel overwhelmed in the beginning and it can feel like nothing is happening but I promise if you stick to shifting from processed to whole foods you will change your life in time! Quality of life is enhanced when we commit to a lifestyle of wellness.

Start by making small changes. Eat vegetables over the chips. Go meat free one day a week or even one meal a day. Cut down your soda. I can't express enough how important that is! I have clients that drop 10 lbs in the first month just from replacing high sugar and even diet sodas with water!

Its not about perfection, its about feeling like you’re taking your health back, one choice at a time and celebrating the small wins! Big wins come with persistence, commitment and passion to feel and be your best!

If you're a energetically sensitive human, I can not say enough about how much this will change the quality of your life! Thoughts will be clearer, intuition will be so much stronger, and your body will be so much more robust and able to serve your greatest experiences.

Nourishing the body through food nourishes the spirit, the emotional body and the intellectual thought process.

Inner peace and vitality are critical to coping and living with ease in these current times. When you have mental clarity and your energetically balanced, you can handle the quick shifts and other's energy so much better. You'll feel more confident with your life choices and the path you're on.

Caring for yourself can feel amazing, and stepping it up to really allow for your full potential to shine through is where we're going here.

There's never been a better time to take care of yourself, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. As a woman that has been reading others energy and guiding others to their own indwelling power, diet and lifestyle always come up. Not just food, but it’s a quick and absolutely life changing part of the process of becoming your greatest self. I am a promoter of positive and simple wellness habits and I know that if you choose to invest in becoming more intuitive, more aligned, more abundant, more conscious, healthier, and you want to look better, feel better, think better and not get caught in low energy relationships and experiences, food will come up in the process.

I believe in your potential and I know that you can create any changes you're considering. I know if you've read this far that you know you want to find a better feeling, a better body and or a better connection to your own divine intuition and energy that dwells within.

If it feels right, schedule a consultation and let's see if were a fit, or if your ready schedule a session.

We don’t have time to wait. We're assaulted by chemicals and toxins everywhere and the one way we can control what and how we feel is allow ourselves to become educated on what is truly good and what is just another marketing token attempting to keep us disconnected, fearful and eating foods that are not serving us in anyways. This world is shifting fast and there is nothing more important that holding your mind, body and soul wellness in the highest regard.

My passion runs deep, but my purpose is deeper. I want to introduce you to the person you are, in your potential. I want you to feel confident in knowing who you are, what's your energy vs. what's another person’s so you can create strong healthy boundaries around your best feeling life. It may be the game changer you're looking for. It's medicine and its the medicine that heals!

You know it. You feel it. You can do whatever you choose to commit to!

So much big love ~


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1 Comment

Great information Angela! I am so grateful for your knowledge and consistency 💖🕊💝

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