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Meet Angela 

Intuitive Lifestyle & Wellness Coach 
Intuitive Healer & Channel 

Angela is an Intuitive Empath, a Holistic Lifestyle & Wellness Coach, A Channel, an Entrepreneur, and a Healer. Some of her tools include intuitive bodywork, essential oils, saging, lymphatic work, vagus nerve reset, energetic healing, sound frequencies, CBD and/or THC, visualization and other alternative modalities. She has been on this alternative wellness path for over 20 years, professionally, while living it her entire life! She's had the privilege of watching hundreds of clients change their life for the good. Angela does not coach or work with you from a checklist, but from an intuitive, internal thermostat of compassion, experience and awareness of your ability to grow beyond limited belief systems.  She believes that everyone has the potential to feel authentic joy, mind, body and soul.


Angela's greatest passion in life is getting to work with people to step into their authentic expression in life, allowing the most ideal to manifest. She feels honored watching people go from surviving to thriving. Her mission is to empower her clients to overcome and make their way through this life. She will help you find genuine healing, clarity and peace. She knows that you always have the choice to be and do what is right for you. She sees your potential. She has the ability to help you navigate your way to your desired life. 


 Angela is highly attuned to guidance that channels through her. She denied it for many years, only to be reminded of the work that she knows she is here to do.  "I have learned through experience that a life that is well lived is one of healthy habits, an abundant mindset and maintaining a peaceful inner being. We must make the decision to step into our alignment, mind, body and soul."  She has a connection to the divine universal energy and allows this presence to work through her.  "I know things, I feel them in the core of my being, and I trust this inner wisdom more than anything else in this world. This alone makes me confident in my ability to help others tune into their own intuitive truths. Everyone is capable of experiencing this connection.  I spent over a year in deep meditative practice and the results of such experiences have illuminated my life with truths that we may not see, but certainly feel.  The faith and conviction I live with is part of what makes me, me.  I want to help you find the vitality that I have, mind, body and spirit."


Trauma, grief and anxiety are real, and so is healing, empowerment, integration and rising from the ashes! Everyone is dealing with so much right now and Angela feels honored to empower, guide and walk with you on your path of your greatest life.  


*Photo is Angela and her loved English Labrador, Woodward. 

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why work with Angela?

Self Mastery

To master self is the key to a life that feels good.  Angela is always holding the intention to remind you of the potential you hold inside and manifest it intentionally.

Intuitive and Practical

Being highly intuitive and empathetic allows Angela to connect deeply with you wherever you are on your path. She is able to help you gain control over your thoughts, emotions and actions.  This can enhance personal growth, achieve goals, and cultivate a sense of inner peace.

20 years Experience 

In personal growth and healing, she has guided individuals on their journey of self discovery, helping them over come challenges, develop resilience, empower, and unlock their potentials.  Healing is nonlinear and her tools are vast. 

Holistic Lifestyle Approach 

We must come into alignment with all aspects of self.  Angela's work incorporates mind, body, and spirit engagement to bring about profound and lasting shifts in your world.  Career, love and health can be accessed with this new lifestyle awareness. Wholeness is the goal, and integration is the way. 

Detox Work

Certified in Vagus Nerve as well as dietary and entity detox can be powerful on the path of personal growth and healing.  Ask her how she can help you be free in your body and mind.  

Reconnecting You

These sessions are always about you and getting you to where you want to be. Most often that's a journey of self awareness that leads to fulfillment in health, love and career. Reconnecting and empowering you to gain  trust in your intuition and authentic self is the basis of the work.


“When I first met Angela, I sensed the spirit of a wild and galloping mustang, even as she stood before me, serene and patient. She welcomed me into her sacred space and gave me the gift of undivided attention, immediate presence and intuitive healing. As I wrestled with a sudden and acute illness that had rendered me helpless, and bewildered at the betrayal of my body, she aligned all those broken pieces and helped put me back together. She is fiercely independent and loyal – all her divine energy is concentrated on bringing us back to center, taking us on a journey to find our own peace of mind. Her voice, her beliefs and her teaching are without regard for the pressures of the world and in a time where much of what we are told must be questioned, she speaks the language of Truth. The gift of working with Angela goes beyond spirit, beyond physical, beyond a troubled mind. She is a Sanctuary. We are blessed to know her.“

Catherine G.




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